Fri frakt inom Sverige!
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Swedish culture and creativity is everywhere!

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The impact of Swedish culture and creativity in the US is growing as we speak. As I was spending the better part of Easter break in New York, I found evidence of this fact everywhere.

I was greeted with this "välkommen" (welcome) sign outside a Swedish Designer store in Greenwich Village. Later on I had coffee at a Swedish coffee place called "Fika", which now has expanded to 17 coffee shops on Manhattan alone. Wow, I'm impressed!

The Swedish coffee culture is widely known. The term "fika" (coffee time/break) has multiple meanings to me as well as to most Swedes. It's a social institution which is all about tradition, family, companionship, it's about being a part of a social context and about belonging. 

Of course I knew that Swedes are drinking an enormous amount of coffee compared to people in most countries, but I wasn't aware of the rapid influence this tradition is having on other cultures.


Later on, while enjoying Tribeca, I stumbled upon yet another Swedish coffee place! Of course I had to try this one out as well. As expected the coffee was good and strong and while enjoying it I felt happy and pleased to think, that I'm a part of the Swedish culture and creativity influencing and enriching the world! 

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding a photo from Central Park picturing these blooming trees and a promise of spring approaching. Good strong Swedish coffee and this view...could life possibly be better?!

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  • Ulla Stolt on

    Vilken fin och intressant artikel du skrivit! Att lilla Sverige har en påverkan på USA . Kram från mamma

  • Jeannie on

    I love fika! I miss fika with you Lotta (((HUGS)))

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