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Creativity in its glory!

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On my morning walk today I happened to pass an outburst of creativity in my neighborhood.

Apparently it's the National Women's history month and the whole street, including trees and stones, are covered in knitted rainbow colored pure happiness.

Creativity in its glory, making stressed out people on their way to work, stop and smile and chat for a bit. The very stern looking lady, who's normally busy ticketing cars on my street, stopped and smiled broadly while chatting away.

I just looove this bike totally covered in knits, there's no limitation to what you can do! And this is what I love about creativity and imagination, the sky is the limit. Bringing out happiness and smiles in our busy everyday hustling and bustling. This is also my main motivation and what I think design is all about! There is no greater feeling than seeing a customer light up with happiness when trying out their new piece of jewelry!

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