Fri frakt inom Sverige!
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A Swedish Jewelry Designer in LA

Beads, beads and beads!

Lotta Dahl

The ultimate feeling of being in heaven for a jewelry designer, must be at a wholesale bead show! Wandering about enjoying beautiful gems of all kinds nourishes my senses and creativity! When taking in all the beauty I totally loose myself in creating new designs in my mind and admiring all the talented and skilled designers showing off their work. I firmly believe in the healing and strengthening powers of precious stones. Just holding and handling gems have a calming and grounding effect on me. It's my kind of meditation and comfort when the going gets rough! It's also a...

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Swedish culture and creativity is everywhere!

Lotta Dahl coffeeculture creativity design fika forujewelry handmade newyork swedishculture swedishdesign

The impact of Swedish culture and creativity in the US is growing as we speak. As I was spending the better part of Easter break in New York, I found evidence of this fact everywhere. I was greeted with this "välkommen" (welcome) sign outside a Swedish Designer store in Greenwich Village. Later on I had coffee at a Swedish coffee place called "Fika", which now has expanded to 17 coffee shops on Manhattan alone. Wow, I'm impressed! The Swedish coffee culture is widely known. The term "fika" (coffee time/break) has multiple meanings to me as well as to most Swedes....

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Creativity in its glory!

Lotta Dahl creativity design forujewelry handmade swedishdesign

On my morning walk today I happened to pass an outburst of creativity in my neighborhood. Apparently it's the National Women's history month and the whole street, including trees and stones, are covered in knitted rainbow colored pure happiness. Creativity in its glory, making stressed out people on their way to work, stop and smile and chat for a bit. The very stern looking lady, who's normally busy ticketing cars on my street, stopped and smiled broadly while chatting away. I just looove this bike totally covered in knits, there's no limitation to what you can do! And this is...

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Friday inspiration!

Lotta Dahl design fridayinspiration inspiration

Friday inspiration!

Sometimes people ask me where I find inspiration to design and create all the different kinds of jewelry that I make. Well, it's not difficult to answer that question. Living in SoCal creates in itself the best source of inspiration of all. Natures dramatic sceneries in California never cease to amaze me with its contrasts and colors. I just have to step outside my front door to feel overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude that I am blessed to actually live here! The fact that it's green all year around and that the sun never ceases to shine (or hardly never) is...

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